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Many are going to disagree with me, and that fine, you absolutely entitled to your opinion, but you absolutely aren entitled to mine, and frankly, his stance on nukes scares me. Of course I don want armageddon, and I never want our country to use them (or any for that matter) but I also do not want our country to lose them either. He has always been all over the place with these and I think his attitude is dangerous.

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A special overnight liaison. A hookup at the No Tell Motel. A business trip that’s destined to be anything but boring. The vagina, that sweet tunnel of joy, has been the focus of a wealth of myths over the ages partly due to the fact that it’s rather hard to get a really close look at (even their owners rarely see them in all their glory, and even then, it’s because of visual tools like mirrors or video cameras), and partly due to the fact that most of the “mythters” who’ve been muttering are men who haven’t got their own vagina to give them a reality check. It’s no wonder, therefore, that nobody really gets a feel for the real truths, even after playing with va jay jays for years. So, as a pub(l)ic service, we at EdenFantasys are pleased to offer you our very own version of The Vagina Mythbusters..

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Back on the road, Madi is having a screaming nightmare reliving what turns out to be Becca memory after she came back to earth, where it turns out that Cadogan burned Becca alive at the stake. I bummed about this because it implies Bill is likely dead and my Bicca dreams went up in smoke, but if the woman who burned down the world with an AI came to pitch you another AI, you might burn her too sex toys, it a very poetic ending. Man, Becca is such a fascinating character, what a well meaning megalomaniac she is..

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male sex toys And this isn Gus Johnson banging on a fucking towel dispenser. This is a song created by an artists being legitimately stolen by another company with Youtube assistance. Did you watch the video that this entire thread is based on or are you just going off some transformative media nonsense that H3 talks about male sex toys.

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Well a few months down the road I feeling like I feeling ready to break up for reals and forever this time. He knows it coming and pulls the ol “I kill myself if you leave me.” Current me would nope out of there and alert other members of his support system. 18 y/o me stayed to “save him.” Several more months of misery and I started once again sleeping with the other dude.

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Dborah Neuberg studied at the Institut Francais de la Mode in

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wfan reveals craig carton’s permanent replacement

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After Affinito flew out to left field

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Doctors by training and temperament are ill prepared to help

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